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 The Brains of Your Hearing Aid

The Brains of Your Hearing Aid

Digital Signal Processors are the "brains" of your hearing aid. They are categorized by the number of channel processors, which range from 4 to 48. Lower channel processors are designed for basic needs such as quiet settings, TV and telephone. Mid-channel processors (8-16) are designed for noisier situations like small group settings and restaurants. High channel processors (24-48) are designed for all situations and are the best processors on the market.

The Simple Solution to All of Your Hearing Problems

- Custom memory programs are available for specific settings

- Feedback cancellation eliminates feedback quickly

- Directional microphones eliminate noise behind you and focus on what is in front of you

- Adaptive Automatic microphones allow microphones to move and detect the speaker

- Auto-telephone switches the hearing aid to a telephone setting when a phone is placed to your ear

- Bluetooth technology sends a direct input to your hearing aids from your phone, TV and mp3 player

- Wireless technology allows hearing aids to use remote controls and send information to each other

- Remote controls give extra volume and program changing ability

Get Helpful Accessories

Chattanooga, TN: these gadgets will make your hearing aid even easier to use!

Rechargeable batteries

Rather than spending tons of money on batteries every year, purchase a set of rechargeable batteries. Once they run low, simply recharge them and save!

Hearing aid remote controls

Remote controls easily allow you to adjust volume, programs for quiet and noisy places, and more. With the touch of a button, all the control is in your hands.

Bluetooth technology

Enjoy hands-free cell phone conversations directly into you hearing aids. Free SIEMENS apps available to control your hearing aids with your cell phone.

We also sell a variety of Assistive Living Devices, including Clarity Amplified Telephones and TV Ears. Contact us today to learn more about any of these accessories for your hearing aids.

With all of these features to make your hearing aids as functional as possible, you can finally live your life and hear every moment.

Call us today to learn more about any of these features!